In the 84th legislative session, Texas passed House Bill 3781, a UT System initiative to establish the Texas Health Improvement Network (THIN), a multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional collaboration designed to address urgent health care challenges and implement improvements to the health care system in Texas and the nation. THIN is based on the Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) Triple Aim of reducing the per capita costs of healthcare, improving the individual experience of health care, and improving the health of populations.

The THIN network will consist of experts from multiple sectors and health disciplines. The network’s primary goals are to:

  1. Evaluate and eliminate health disparities in the state, including racial, ethnic, geographical, and income-related disparities.
  2. Develop methods to contain health care costs and provide economic analyses of health policies. 

The network functions as:

  • An incubator and evaluator of health improvement practices.
  • A vehicle to support local communities in Texas by offering:
    • Leadership training.
    • Data analytics.
    • Community health assessments.
    • Grant writing support.

Lewis Foxhall, Physician-in-Chief at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is the Presiding Officer for THIN. 

For more information contact: Eileen Nehme