Veterans Community Park and Pavilion

Envisioning a place at the center of Austin where veterans and civilians can come together.

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By Christopher Assaf
Population Health Scholar
University of Texas System
Master's Student in Journalism
UT Austin Moody College of Communication


Stephen Sonnenberg (Professor of Psychiatry, Population Health, and Medical Education, UT Austin Dell Medical School; Professor of Instruction, UT Austin Steve Hicks School of Social Work) is the project director for the envisioned Veterans Community Park and Pavilion. The main goal is to bridge the divide between the civilian and military communities, and the proposed project is envisioned as place where veterans and community come together, interacting formally and informally to help reintegrate veterans into the civilian lifestyle. Social and health services will be offered to veterans and their families, with the idea of promoting societal health and well being. The Veterans Community Park and Pavilion is seen as a place where innovations in providing healthcare and measuring outcomes are created, explored and researched.